aDENS-1xx Density Meter

Highly accurate Resonant (Vibration) Type Density Meter for in-tank or in-line measurements.

aDENS-1xx Density Meter

A family of Vibration Type Density Meters

aDENS-1xx Density Meter is a family of vibration type density meters intended for in tank or in-line measurements of liquids in a variety of industries, such as Oil and Gas, Liquor, Food Industries, etc. Due to high accuracy of the vibration type method they are extremely well suited for measurement of light and crude oils, petroleum products, ethanol, liquified petroleum gases (LPG) and other liquid products.

aDENS-1xx Density Meters provide real-time measurements of the following parameters:

Key advantages:

Single point and Multi-point measurements for in-tank applications

aDENS-100 Density Meter

aDENS-100/110 Density Meters for single point in-tank measurements

aDENS-100 and aDENS-110 Density Meters are intended for single point in-tank measurements. The Density Meter contains a sensor, an elongation stem with a process connection flange and an electronic head. The length of the stem supplied with the Density Meter is chosen based on the desired immersion depth of the sensor into the tank. The client can further adjust the immersion depth by moving the process connection flange along the stem.
aDENS-100/110 Density Meters are ATEX certified to II 1/2 G Ex ia IIB T4 Ga/Gb with the sensor designated for Zone 0 and the electronic head designated for Zone 1.

aDENS-120 Density Meter for multi-point installation

aDENS-120 Density Meter for multi-point in-tank measurements

aDENS-120 Density Meter is intended for multi-point measurements. The density sensor is suspended into the tank using cords or chains connected to the process connection flange. On aboveground tanks, a chain of up to 5 sensors can be installed at different heights to measure density distribution with height as well as the average density in the tank.
aDENS-120 Density Meters are ATEX certified to II 1 G Ex ia IIB T4 Ga with the sensor with encapsulated electronics designated for Zone 0.